First Aid at Work Posters: Where To Buy Them

In the context of an ever-evolving work environment, first aid remains an invaluable element for ensuring the safety and wellbeing of employees. Workplace safety is not just about preventing accidents but also about being prepared to deal with them efficiently should they occur. This is where first aid at work posters come into play. These visual aids are essential tools that offer clear, step-by-step instructions on how to respond to a range of medical emergencies—from minor injuries to potentially life-threatening situations.

A well-designed first aid poster serves as a quick reference in a crisis, providing vital information at a glance. When emergencies arise, immediate response can be the difference between rapid recovery and prolonged injury, or in some cases, life and death. These posters often include illustrations or photos alongside text to communicate information as quickly and clearly as possible, aiding in the retention of first aid protocols and reducing panic during a stressful event.

When selecting a first aid at work poster, it's crucial to consider its content and clarity. The poster should cover a broad spectrum of scenarios, including CPR, shock, bleeding, burns, and fractures. Legibility is key, which means that the font size and contrast should be optimised for quick and easy reading, even from a distance. Additionally, the material should be durable and suitable for the environment it will be displayed in; for example, a laminated poster would be necessary for a kitchen or manufacturing plant where moisture and dirt could be factors.

We recognise the significance of having first aid information readily accessible. That’s why we focus on providing comprehensive and user-friendly first aid at work posters to ensure swift and correct first aid measures are taken in emergency situations. Let’s move forward and explore the essential attributes you should look for to ensure you have the most reliable and effective first aid visual aid for your workplace.

Top First Aid at Work Posters

Maintaining a safe and informed workplace is of paramount importance, and one vital aspect of this is ensuring that employees are equipped with knowledge on how to react in the event of a medical emergency. First aid posters serve as an essential reference point in such situations. Our selection of first aid at work posters is curated to provide clear instructions and guidance that comply with the latest UK health and safety regulations, making them a crucial addition to any work environment. Whether you're looking to update your current posters or starting afresh, the following list comprises the best options available to support a culture of safety and responsiveness in the workplace.

Safety First Aid Work Poster

If you're in charge of health and safety at your workplace, this poster is an invaluable resource to guide staff during emergencies.


  • Provides critical first aid steps clearly
  • Includes durable, laminated surface
  • Features full-colour, easily-understandable illustrations


  • May be too basic for advanced first aiders
  • Not a substitute for formal training
  • Size may be too large for smaller spaces

Workplaces have a duty to keep their staff safe and informed, which includes having clear instructions on how to respond in a medical emergency. This First Aid Work Poster from Safety First Aid Group serves that purpose well. It presents essential lifesaving steps in an accessible format, with coloured illustrations that are simple to follow, even for those without formal first aid training.

While posters should never replace comprehensive first aid training, they serve as a helpful reminder of the key actions to take when a health crisis occurs. Ensuring this visual guide is displayed prominently could make a significant difference in how your team reacts during critical events. The laminated finish also means it's easy to keep clean and should withstand the wear and tear of workplace environments.

We have to acknowledge, though, that for experienced first aiders, the information provided might not offer new insights, and of course, actual hands-on training is paramount. Also, given its dimensions, some workplaces with limited wall space might find it challenging to display the poster without obscuring other important information. Despite these limitations, the poster's user-friendliness and robust design make it a worthwhile addition to any workplace committed to safety and compliance with health regulations.

V Safety First Aid Poster

We believe that this poster is a solid choice for anyone in need of clear and durable workplace first aid information.


  • Easy to understand with step-by-step instructions
  • Constructed from durable materials for tear resistance
  • Features coverage of a range of common workplace injuries


  • Limited to the most common injuries; may not cover every emergency scenario
  • With only four reviews, broader user feedback is minimal
  • A2 size may be too large for some smaller workspaces

Workplace safety is paramount, and having accessible first aid information can be a lifesaver. The V Safety First Aid Poster provides vital details in a crisis, catering primarily to non first-aiders. It's an invaluable resource for ensuring employees have access to the necessary steps to manage common injuries – from performing CPR to dealing with burns.

Durability is crucial for anything that's meant to be used in emergencies, and fortunately, this product doesn't disappoint. Constructed from robust 195 micro polypropylene, it's designed to withstand the rigours of various work environments. This resilience ensures long-term visibility and usability, which is exactly what you want in emergency guidelines.

The V Safety First Aid Poster has a place in every workplace, giving employees and first-aiders alike the knowledge to act promptly and effectively. However, its utility is not limitless. The focus on common injuries means it won't have all the answers for less typical situations. Moreover, while feedback is overwhelmingly positive, a larger pool of reviews would provide a better gauge of customer satisfaction. As for the poster's A2 size, consideration of available wall space is advised before making a purchase.

The Print Ninja First Aid Poster

We believe this first aid poster is an efficient resource, essential for maintaining safety standards within any UK workplace.


  • Resists wear and tear due to its lamination
  • Offers great value for its durability
  • Essentials like this are key for business compliance


  • Limited to UK-based information and regulations
  • May need regular updates to reflect current guidelines
  • A4 size could be too small for some premises

A first aid poster is a must-have in any work environment; it's not just a recommendation, it's a component of compliance. The Print Ninja's product is crafted to withstand the day-to-day exposure in a bustling office or a harsh factory setting thanks to its lamination, ensuring it lasts longer than standard paper posters. Plus, with the use of high-quality, archival pigment ink, it promises to stay clear and legible with its long-lasting print quality.

On the financial side, this poster represents a cost-effective investment. One doesn't have to splurge on expensive materials when you have a product that accomplishes the need for compliance and durability at a reasonable price. This strikes a balance between affordability and functionality – an appealing factor for any budget-conscious business.

However, this product is designed with UK businesses in mind, meaning that its content is specific to British regulation and might not be applicable for international premises. Moreover, health and safety regulations are dynamic, and while this poster uses information available at the time of printing, updates may be essential to stay compliant with future changes. Lastly, the A4 version might be small for some areas, which could affect visibility and readability from a distance.

In conclusion, The Print Ninja First Aid Poster is our choice for maintaining a well-informed and safe work environment, tailored specifically for the UK. Its durable design ensures longevity, and its cost-efficiency makes it an easy addition to any workplace focused on safety and compliance.

VSafety First Aiders Sign

We think this First Aiders Sign by VSafety is an essential purchase to ensure compliance with workplace safety regulations.


  • Complies with EN ISO 7010:2012 for peace of mind
  • Made from durable self-adhesive vinyl ensuring longevity
  • Clear and specific indication of first aiders, which enhances workplace safety


  • Adhesive quality may vary depending on the surface
  • With 150mm x 200mm dimensions, the sign might be missed if not strategically placed
  • Limited to indoor use due to material durability

This product’s design focuses on clarity and durability; it helps meet the legal requirements of displaying critical information in the work environment. The sign, being screen printed in portrait orientation, is easy to read, and its compliance with EN ISO 7010:2012 means it has been held to high standards.

One of the key attributes is the quality of the material: a robust vinyl that promises to withstand wear and tear. It's suitable for most indoor environments, which means it could be a staple in offices, warehouses, and retail settings.

However, regardless of its strong points, there might be minor setbacks depending on where you place it. Some consumers have voiced that on certain surfaces, the adhesive might not perform as well as expected, so we recommend making sure the surface is suitable prior to placing the sign. Additionally, due to its relatively modest size, the sign should be positioned where it can easily catch the eye. While it is expected to last indoors, exposure to the elements outdoors could affect its lifespan.

V Safety First Aid Sign

We believe this sign is a practical purchase for workplace compliance with first aid regulations.


  • Ensures compliance with workplace health and safety laws
  • Made from durable materials for longevity
  • Clear and concise design in a visible colour scheme


  • Included adhesive pads may not be provided
  • Only available in one size
  • Limited customer reviews to gauge broader opinions

A workplace must have clear signage to indicate the presence of first aid equipment, and the V Safety First Aid Sign fits this requirement well. It's crafted to adhere to the Health and Safety (Safety Signs & Signals) Regulations from 1996, ensuring you're up to current standards.

Durability is essential for anything in a professional setting, and this sign's heavy-duty plastic construction promises to withstand a fair amount of wear and tear. With the sign's durable nature, frequent replacement due to wear or damage is less likely.

Conveying information effectively is critical, and the sign's high-contrast colours and clear lettering are designed to be noticed quickly in an emergency. The portrait orientation and size ensure it can fit in various locations around the workplace.

Despite these advantages, there are few points to consider. The lack of adhesive pads could be a minor inconvenience, and you might need to source alternative fixing methods. The sign's singular size might not be suitable for all potential spaces. Additionally, with a relatively small number of total reviews, it may be difficult to get a comprehensive view of user satisfaction.

In summary, our assessment is that the V Safety First Aid Sign provides a straightforward solution for complying with workplace first aid signage requirements. It's long-lasting, easily noticeable, and delivers on its fundamental purpose. Despite minor potential drawbacks in installation and size variety, it's a sensible pick for safety compliance in any workplace.

Buying Guide

When selecting a first aid at work poster, it's vital to consider several crucial features to ensure it meets your workplace’s safety requirements.

Essential Content

We must ensure our poster includes all basic first aid procedures:

  • CPR steps
  • Shock management
  • Handling of bleeding wounds
  • Burns treatment
  • Dealing with choking incidents
  • Guidance for various injuries

Durability and Visibility

Our poster should be made of durable materials such as laminated paper or plastic to withstand the environment of the workplace. The text and diagrams must be clearly visible from a distance.

ConsiderationDetailMaterialWaterproof, tear-resistantFont SizeLarge, readableColoursHigh contrast

Compliance with Regulations

It must adhere to the latest Health and Safety (First-Aid) Regulations. It should provide precise instructional steps and visual aids that align with up-to-date practices.

Size and Location

We should opt for a size that ensures readability from a reasonable distance. Location is key; the poster must be placed where it is easily accessible and visible.

Additional Features

Consider posters with additional features like:

  • QR codes linking to further online resources
  • Space for including local emergency numbers

By focusing on these features, we can make an informed decision for a first aid at work poster that will serve as an effective ongoing reference for our workplace safety needs.