Our First Aid at Work Training Courses

Annual First Aid Refresher


Designed to give people who have previously completed a first aid course the opportunity to brush up on their knowledge and skills.

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Emergency First Aid at Work Course

Full Time

1-Day Emergency First Aid at Work Course: For Offices and Other Low-Risk Work Environments. FAIB Accredited course. £79PP or £495 On Site At Your Venue.

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First Aid at Work Course - 3 Days


Blended First Aid at Work (FAW) qualification (6 hours E-Learning & 2 days Practical) - for businesses operating in medium to high risk environments.

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First Aid at Work Requalification


A two-day first aid requalification course for those who currently hold a First Aid at Work (FAW) certificate.

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In Manchester, a vibrant and industrially diverse city, prioritising safety in the workplace through practical skills like first aid is indispensable. The First Aid at Work Course, structured according to the stringent guidelines of the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) of the UK, provides vital training in managing medical emergencies within the workplace, ensuring that businesses not only comply with legal obligations but also foster a safe working environment.

Overview of First Aid at Work Course

The First Aid at Work Course in Manchester is meticulously formulated to offer participants a robust understanding and hands-on experience in administering first aid. Spanning various facets from basic life-saving techniques to managing specific injuries and illnesses, the course ensures individuals are equipped to proficiently handle emergency situations until professional medical assistance arrives.

Essential Modules of the Course

1. Basic Life Support:

  • Techniques for executing CPR
  • Utilising an AED (Automated External Defibrillator)

2. Incident Management:

  • Safe and effective management of emergency incidents
  • Evaluating and managing risks and prioritising care

3. Injury Management:

  • Addressing varied injuries, including burns, fractures, and wounds
  • Handling head and spinal injuries adeptly

4. Illness Management:

  • Responding to scenarios involving choking, shock, and poisoning
  • Navigating medical emergencies like heart attacks and strokes

5. Legal and Ethical Considerations:

  • Grasping the duties and responsibilities of a first aider
  • Adhering to legal and ethical norms in emergency response

6. Practical Application:

  • Engaging in scenario-based training and simulations
  • Practising the application of first aid using appropriate tools and equipment

Duration and Certification

Commonly, the First Aid at Work Course in Manchester extends over three days, providing a blend of theoretical knowledge and practical training. Upon the successful completion of the course, participants are usually awarded a certificate that is valid for three years, necessitating a refresher course thereafter.

Importance in the Workplace

Ensuring a Safe Work Environment:

  • First aiders can provide immediate and effective care, reducing the severity of injuries and potential recovery times.

Compliance with Legal Obligations:

  • Ensures that businesses adhere to the legal requirements set by HSE concerning first aid provision in the workplace.

Enhancing Employee Morale:

  • The presence of trained first aiders instills a sense of safety and reassurance among employees, enhancing overall morale and productivity.

The First Aid at Work Course in Manchester serves as an essential pillar in fostering a safety-conscious work environment. It underscores a business’s dedication to safeguarding its workforce and ensuring preparedness during medical emergencies. While selecting a course, it is pivotal to opt for those provided by accredited and recognised institutions, ensuring the training received is in alignment with HSE guidelines and of the highest quality. Thus, investing in first aid training is tantamount to investing in the safety, well-being, and confidence of the working community.

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