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Emergency First Aid at Work Course

1-Day Emergency First Aid at Work Course: For Offices and Other Low-Risk Work Environments. FAIB Accredited course. £79PP or £495 On Site At Your Venue.






First Aid at Work Course - 3 Days

Blended First Aid at Work (FAW) qualification (6 hours E-Learning & 2 days Practical) - for businesses operating in medium to high risk environments.






First Aid at Work Requalification

A two-day first aid requalification course for those who currently hold a First Aid at Work (FAW) certificate.

The First Aid at Work Course in Sheffield, a city renowned for its rich industrial heritage and burgeoning sectors, underscores the pivotal role that immediate and proficient medical response plays in the workplace. By adhering to the guidelines and regulations delineated by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) of the UK, the course not only ensures legal compliance for businesses but also fortifies the safety protocols within varied working environments.

Overview of the First Aid at Work Course

The course, which is carefully structured, provides participants in Sheffield with an in-depth understanding and practical skills necessary to administer first aid effectively. By covering a range of critical aspects from fundamental life-saving techniques to specific injury and illness management, it assures that individuals can efficiently navigate through medical emergencies until professional help is available.

Core Elements of the Course

1. Basic Life Support:

  • Techniques for performing CPR
  • Effective use of an AED (Automated External Defibrillator)

2. Handling Incidents:

  • Safe management and assessment of emergency incidents
  • Risk evaluation and prioritising care during emergencies

3. Management of Injuries:

  • Addressing various injuries, including fractures, burns, and wounds
  • Skilled management of head and spinal injuries

4. Management of Illnesses:

  • Responding to choking, poisoning, and shock
  • Managing medical emergencies like seizures and heart attacks

5. Legal and Ethical Implications:

  • Understanding the roles and responsibilities of a first aider
  • Ensuring adherence to legal and ethical standards during emergency response

6. Practical Application:

  • Engaging in role-playing scenarios and practical simulations
  • Practising using first aid materials and equipment safely and effectively

Duration and Certification

The First Aid at Work Course in Sheffield is typically conducted over three days, providing participants with a comprehensive blend of theoretical knowledge and hands-on experience. After successfully concluding the course, participants are usually awarded a certificate, which is valid for three years, post which a requalification course is recommended.

Relevance in the Workplace

Safety Assurance:

  • Trained first aiders can provide immediate, efficient care, minimising risks and aiding in faster recovery during emergencies.

Legal Compliance:

  • Enables businesses to comply with HSE requirements and fulfil their legal obligations regarding workplace safety.

Employee Well-being:

  • Presence of trained first aiders enhances the overall morale and reassurance among employees, promoting a safe working environment.

Participation in the First Aid at Work Course in Sheffield is not only a legislative requisite but also a testament to an organisation’s commitment to safeguarding its workforce. This training ensures that businesses are equipped to provide an immediate, effective response during medical emergencies, thereby enhancing the safety, assurance, and confidence within the working environment. Always ensure to choose a course from a reputable and accredited provider to guarantee compliance with HSE standards and obtain quality training.

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