Workplace First Aid Kit: Which One Do I Need For My Work?

In any workplace, ensuring the safety and well-being of employees is paramount. To that end, first aid kits are an essential component of any organisation's health and safety arsenal. A well-stocked first aid kit can be the difference between a minor injury and a trip to the emergency room, allowing immediate response to a variety of medical incidents that can occur in the workplace.

Workplace first aid kits vary in composition based on the nature of the work environment. In an office setting, the kit might contain basic supplies such as plasters, antiseptic wipes, and bandages. However, in industrial or construction contexts where the risk of injury is higher, kits will comprise a broader range of items, including burn dressings, splints, and eyewash solution. The key is ensuring that the first aid kit is tailored to the specific hazards of the workplace.

When choosing a workplace first aid kit, it's crucial to consider the size of your team and the nature of the work. Regulatory compliance is also a factor; in the UK, the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) provides guidelines on what a first aid kit should contain. Durability and ease of access are important as well; a robust case that can be easily opened ensures that supplies can be quickly reached in an emergency.

Equipping our workplaces with the appropriate first aid kit is an investment in safety and preparedness. As we move onto the next section, we'll explore the different types of workplace first aid kits, and what to consider when selecting one that best suits your organisational needs.

Top Workplace First Aid Kits

Ensuring the safety of our employees is paramount, and a well-stocked first aid kit is essential for any workplace. With countless options available, we've sifted through the market to bring you a selection of the best kits that cater to a variety of workplace sizes and safety needs. Whether you're looking for a compact kit for small offices or a comprehensive set for industrial environments, our recommendations are designed to help you maintain a safe and compliant workplace.

Safety First Aid Large Workplace Kit

We believe this comprehensive first aid kit is a solid pick for larger workplaces needing to comply with HSE guidelines.


  • Comes with an accident book to ensure compliance with reporting regulations
  • Wall bracket included for convenient placement and accessibility
  • Ample stock of plasters and eye wash pods for frequent use


  • Might require additional items like gloves and a foil blanket to be fully comprehensive
  • Lacks internal compartments for organisation
  • Some may find the size too large for smaller workplaces or teams

Our teams recognise the importance of safety in the workplace, which is why a practical first aid kit like Safety First Aid Large Workplace Kit can play a crucial role. It's well-suited for environments with a higher risk of injury or where quick access to first aid materials is needed. The inclusion of an A5 accident book directly within the kit ensures that every incident can be logged promptly, aiding in legal compliance.

The fact that it includes wall brackets means we can easily fix the kit in a visible and accessible location, which is a big plus in any emergency situation. Additionally, the heavy stock of consumables like plasters and eye wash means we're prepared for those minor injuries that can happen all too often.

However, it's worth noting that despite its comprehensive nature, there might still be a need to supplement the kit with a few more items. For particularly stringent safety requirements, gloves and an emergency foil blanket are essential add-ons. Finally, while its large size is beneficial for stock, some may find it bulky, especially if the workplace or team size doesn't warrant such a large first aid kit.

Active Era Premium Kit

We reckon this kit is a solid pick for anyone in need of a comprehensive first aid solution for a variety of environments, be it the workplace or the outdoors.


  • Packed with 220 essential items for various emergencies
  • Durable, lightweight, and portable design suitable for multiple settings
  • Fully complies with British Standards (BS) and Health and Safety Executive (HSE) guidelines


  • May be more contents than needed for personal, non-professional use
  • The green colour might not be to everyone's taste
  • Certain products cannot be delivered outside mainland UK

When it comes to preparedness, the Active Era Premium Kit leaves little to be desired. Its 220 pieces encompass necessities for a wide range of scenarios, from cuts and scrapes to sprains and hypothermia. With such a versatile array, it's bound to be a mainstay in any workplace's safety protocol.

The importance of a durable first aid kit can't be overstated, and this product meets that criterion. Its tough exterior combined with neatly organised compartments makes it a reliable piece of equipment. Moreover, the added space for custom additions ensures you can tailor the kit to specific needs.

Lastly, while it's great to have comprehensive safety tools at hand, not every situation necessitates a professional-level first aid kit. For personal use, this kit might carry more than you actually need, so weighing up its contents against your specific requirements will be key. For those based outside mainland UK, it's also critical to check delivery options before purchase.

Astroplast 20-Person First Aid Kit

For businesses in need of a compliant and comprehensive first aid kit, the Astroplast Kit is well suited to cater for a small office environment.


  • Comes fully stocked with essential supplies meeting the British standard for workplace kits
  • Variety of components cater to different types of injuries, including eye injuries and burns
  • Wall-mountable with a compact design, making it accessible and space-efficient


  • The kit may lack specialised items for specific workplace hazards
  • Some components might require frequent replacement to maintain freshness
  • Does not include scissors, which are often necessary for cutting tape or bandages

Workplace safety is paramount, and having a reliable first aid kit like the Astroplast 20-Person First Aid Kit on hand is an essential part of that commitment. With a positive average rating from numerous reviews, this product has earned trust among its users. It is equipped with items such as bandages, dressings, and wipes, ensuring a broad range of minor injuries can be addressed immediately.

Selecting a first aid kit that is compliant with workplace standards is key, and Astroplast's offering meets the new British standard for workplace first aid kits. While it delivers an assortment of plasters and dressings suited for various incidents, businesses with specific risks might need to supplement this kit with additional equipment.

Ease of use is also an important factor when emergencies occur. This kit can be affixed to a wall, allowing for quick access during an emergency. It is designed to be compact, which is ideal for storage in limited spaces. However, it's crucial to check the contents upon arrival and ensure that everything meets your workplace's specific first aid requirements.

Ultimately, we find the Astroplast 20-Person First Aid Kit to be a sound investment for workplaces looking to enhance their safety measures, even though it may need some customisation to perfectly fit certain industry needs.

EVAQ8 Work First Aid Kit

We recommend this first aid kit as a solid investment for the safety of up to 25 employees in a low-hazard environment.


  • Complies with British Standard (BS 8599-1), ensuring a high level of quality
  • Durable shatterproof case with organised compartments for easy access
  • Features a wall bracket and carrying handle for versatility in placement and transport


  • May not be sufficient for high-risk work environments requiring more specialised contents
  • The size of the kit might be restrictive for workplaces with more than 25 employees
  • A rubber lid seal is helpful but may not provide a completely waterproof solution

Finding the right first aid kit for your workplace is about balancing comprehensive contents with ease of use. The EVAQ8 British Standard Compliant UK Work First Aid Kit particularly stands out because it meets the new British Standard regulations. This gives us peace of mind that it contains all the necessary items to handle typical accidents in an office setting.

The kit comes in a shatterproof ABS case with clear perspex dividers. This design makes it straightforward to locate and retrieve items during an emergency. Moreover, having a wall bracket means the kit can be mounted in a central location, making it accessible to everyone. The integrated carrying handle adds to its convenience, enabling quick transportation to wherever it's needed.

Yet, while suitable for low-risk settings, this kit might not suffice for industries with higher safety demands. Such workplaces often require more specific first aid items. Besides, the kit is recommended for businesses with up to 25 employees. Larger organisations would need multiple units or a different kit to meet their needs. Finally, while the rubber seal is a great feature for keeping out dust, it wouldn’t entirely protect against water ingress.

Overall, we find this first aid kit to be a well-thought-out solution for offices and low-hazard environments, underlining the importance of preparedness in the workplace.

Active Era Premium Kit

We believe this first aid kit is a worthy investment due to its extensive range of 220 essential items catering for various emergencies.


  • Comprehensive 220-item set to handle a wide range of situations
  • Durable, organised bag with extra space to personalise contents
  • Compact, rending it easy to store and carry


  • May include unnecessary items for smaller workplaces
  • The cost could be high relative to basic first aid kits
  • Too comprehensive for someone with minimal first aid knowledge

Keeping a well-stocked first aid kit at a workplace is crucial for ensuring the safety of employees. The Active Era Premium First Aid Kit is packed with a vast array of medical supplies, lending credibility to its name. Among these supplies are strong medical scissors, instant cold packs, and a diverse assortment of plasters, illustrating its preparedness for a multitude of injury types.

In the realm of durability and organisation, the kit scores high marks. The robust outer bag is designed to withstand rough handling, promising longevity. The multiple compartments within foster an orderly storage system, which is indispensable during emergencies when quick access is needed.

The portability of the Active Era kit is yet another advantage. Its compact nature allows it to be tucked away in various environments, be it an office cabinet or the boot of a car, without consuming excessive space. This makes it an excellent choice for both indoor and outdoor use, facilitating immediate response when time is of the essence.

In conclusion, the thoughtfully curated and user-friendly Active Era Premium First Aid Kit is a strong contender when considering the safety needs of any workplace. Its exhaustive supply list and ease-of-use design provide reassurance that you are well-equipped to tackle potential emergencies.

Buying Guide

When selecting a workplace first aid kit, it's crucial to assess several features that suit our unique environment and the particular hazards present. Here are key considerations to ensure we choose the most appropriate kit for our needs.

Kit Size and Contents

The size of our workplace and number of employees determine our first aid kit's scale. We should refer to the Health and Safety (First Aid) Regulations 1981 for minimum requirements. Larger premises or those with higher risks may require multiple kits.

  • Small workplaces (<25 employees): Basic kit
  • Medium workplaces (25-100 employees): One full kit per 25 employees
  • Large workplaces (>100 employees): Scaled-up provisions accordingly

Durability and Portability

Feature Advantage
Hard casing Protects contents in industrial or outdoor areas.
Soft casing Convenient for office environments & easy storage.
Handles/Straps Facilitates easy transportation during an emergency.

Contents Customisation

We must tailor the contents based on specific workplace risks:

  • Cuts and Abrasions: Various sizes of plasters, sterile wound dressings, and bandages.
  • Burns: Sterile burn dressings and burn gel.
  • Eye Injuries: Saline eye wash and eye pads.
  • Breaks and Sprains: Support bandages and cold packs.

Expiry Date Tracking

All contents have expiration dates. It is vital we establish a system to check and replace items regularly.

Ease of Use

Instructional leaflets or quick-reference guides are helpful for untrained individuals. Contents should be organised and easy to access.

By carefully considering each of these aspects, we ensure our workplace first aid kit is well-equipped to help us manage an array of potential accidents or health incidents efficiently and effectively.

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